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The Lineman’s Factory was born out of a deadly tragedy. In 1991 The Lineman’s Factory artist and co-founder, M.T. Markanson, a Journeyman Lineman was nearly killed in and underground 12,000 volt flash explosion. This left him with 2ndand 3rddegree burns to his hands, arms, and face, requiring extensive surgeries and therapy over the next few years. 

As a means of therapy in recovering the fine motor skills in his hands, M.T. Markanson learned pencil drawing, and when he returned back to Linework, some of his fellow Lineman saw that he had drawn some amazing images of Lineman performing work and asked if they could have some of these drawings framed for purchase. Thus, The Lineman’s Factory was born. 

It wasn’t until 1999, only a few years after the internet became available to the masses, that The Lineman’s Factory became available online.  M.T. Markanson, as the lead artist and designer for The Lineman’s Factory, and along with his wife Missy, began to serve an industry that had never had such access to these types of products before. 

Now with over 30 years in the Power Line Utility Industry, M.T. Markanson is uniquely positioned to understand the industry and provide the highest quality art and design work, from being a Journeyman Lineman to Foreman, Supervisor, and Distribution & Transmission Training Instructor. He also has experience with Human External Cargo Operations (working from and with the Helicopter), EHV Live Line Bare-Hand Operations, and is a member of the Society of Professional Rope Access Technician’s. 

Other than ordering and stocking inventory & supplies, advertising, website maintenance, packaging & shipping, and new product design, Missy Markanson enjoys mostly interacting with the customers by providing quick and friendly customer service, specializing in processing custom orders such as 3D laser crystal awards, T-Shirts, sculpture personalization, etc., for special events and occasions.

Together M.T. Markanson and Missy Markanson make The Lineman’s Factory the "unique gift shop for the Power Lineman” and will continue to develop and offer the best in art and design for this industry.


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